Prices average just $0.15 per customer!

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Choose the platform that best
meets your needs

  1. Run Diversified Billing on your network
  2. Use Diversified Billing from the cloud
  3. Get all of the features & let our outsource staff do the work
  4. Seamlessly change platforms as your needs change

Streamline your operation &
make your customers smile

    1. Single screen for all customer account info
    2. Unique checklist guided billing process
    3. Send traditional or e-mail bills
    4. Generate late notices, shut-off notices
    5. Let customers access their account 24/7 online
    6. Seamlessly change platforms as your needs change
    7. Accept credit / debit card payments online
    8. Integrate with AMR and accounting systems
    9. Robust and customizable reporting
    10. Complete disaster recovery plan

Manage your entire operation

from your dashboard!

    1. Get up-to-the-minute status on billing tasks
    2. Check if any tasks are behind schedule
    3. See billing tasks scheduled for completion today
    4. Check status of today’s work orders
    5. Manage non-billing tasks and personal reminders
    6. Keep a finger on the pulse of financial metrics
Real-time status of scheduled tasks

Low monthly fees. No contracts.

Minimal up-front costs

    1. Forget huge up-front license fees
    2. Forget contracts and capital budgets
    3. Pay only a simple monthly fee
    4. Monthly fee based on the number of customers you bill
    5. Premium telephone support included

Diversified can also handle billing,
collection and customer service for you!

    1. Dealing with retirements or staffing issues? Let our billing staff fill the gaps or pick up the entire work load
    2. Billing? Of course. Payment processing and collections? Yup. Phones and customer service? You betcha.
    3. Looking for a more cost efficient solution for your entire office operation? Let us show you how much our current Service Bureau clients have saved.
Utility Billing Software

From a company with 25+ years
of billing experience

Diversified Billing’s roots go all the way back to IBM mini and mainframe computers.

As the world changed, the engineering team migrated this robust software to the personal computer, to the local area network, and then to the cloud.

All the while, adding up-to-date features like email billing, online payment processing, bank check reconciliation and interfaces to your accounting and meter reading systems.

From software pros dedicated to meeting the billing needs of utilities.