Remote Backup / Disaster Recovery

We used to just worry about protecting our vital data from loss in natural disaster.  Now we have to worry about mal-ware, ransom-ware and even disgruntled employees.

But whatever the threat, the solution is still the same – a great backup and the ability to quickly restore your data and get back in business. Diversified Billing offers some great options:

  Diversified Backup

This legacy backup system allows you quickly and easily back up your billing system data to Diversified Technology servers with just a few simple mouse clicks at the end of every business day.

  Carbonite Backup

Through a partnership with this leading national provider, Diversified Billing customers can enjoy automated backup of their entire billing computer hard drive, not just their billing data.  And, for larger organizations, plans are available to backup your entire network to the Carbonite system.

  Service Bureau Ready for Disaster Recovery

But what if the unthinkable happens?  A fire destroys your entire office?  Or your computers are lost in a tornado or flood?

Diversified Technology’s utility billing Service Bureau stands ready to jump in and run your entire operation for as long as the situation requires. 

Staffed by trained professionals using the latest hardware and software tools, we can have you back in business in ONE HOUR if your data is backed up using either Diversified Backup or Carbonite Backup.

While you focus on putting your organization back together, we can import your meter readings, calculate and verify your bills, print and mail or email them, receive and process your payments, even respond to customer inquiries.

That should make your Board feel a little more secure.




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