Managed Billing Service

Diversified Technology provides managed billing services to both municipal as well as non-municipal clients.  Its Managed Billing Service staff utilizes Diversified Billing software and the latest equipment to offer all of the benefits of an in-house billing staff at a fraction of the cost. 

Clients can choose the level of Managed Service involvement that makes sense for them.  Perhaps that could be as little as a dependable print and mail service after you have generated and verified your billing. 

Or, the Managed Billing Service staff can handle your entire billing process including bill generation and verification from meter readings you provide. 

Or, the Diversified team can provide an all-encompassing service that includes all this plus processing and deposit of payments received on your behalf as well as telephone customer support.

  Guaranteed to Save You Money!

So how do we save you money? 

First, we have the best software and best equipment.  We handle enough volume that it makes sense to invest in time and labor saving technology. 

Second, simple economy of scale.  Our billing staff works for many different utilities and authorities that bill on different schedules. 

So, unlike your in-house staff, our staff has no downtime between cycles. 

That’s how we handle it all and save you money in the process.  Sound too good to be true?  Make us prove it!  

  What Is Full Service?

  • Just send us your meter readings and we will generate your bills, check for anomalies, then print and mail them or e-mail them for you.  (Mailing lists are CASS certified to assure you the lowest rates.)
  • Payments are received in a dedicated lock box, processed and deposited directly into your operating account.
  • We generate and send late notices and shut-off notices according to the policies you establish.
  • We answer your phones and deal with customer issues, interfacing with your operations group as necessary.

  What is Limited Service?

  • For some clients we just print and mail (or e-mail) their bills.  (CASS certified for the lowest rate.)  For some, we also handle their notices.
  • For others, we provide lock box services, then process and deposit their payments.
  • Still others use our Managed Service staff to handle their phones and customer service.
  • Whatever makes sense for you. And you’ll still see savings over providing in-house service.



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