Diversified Technology provides ________ billing services to municipalities, authorities, private utilities, as well as residential associations around the country.

  Save Money Over In-House Staff

How do we do it?  Its really pretty simple.  Its economy of scale. 

Our ________ billing service staff works for many different utilities and authorities.  These utilities and authorities all operate on different schedules.  So, unlike your in-house staff, our billing staff has no “slow” or “down” time in the middle of a cycle.  They just move on to the next client.  

Also, our billing service is operated by Diversified Technology, the developer of Diversified Billing.  That gives us access to the best billing software on the market with all the latest advances.  

And finally, because of our volume, it makes sense to invest in the fastest and best equipment.  

Sound too good to be true?  Make us prove it! 

  25+Years of Billing Experience 

We have been generating ACCURATE _________ bills ON TIME for a long time.  And we are very, very good at it.

Our billing service staff is well trained and well experienced.  They have seen and worked with just about every conceivable situation, issue policy and procedure.  And they are ready to handle yours.

Sound too good to be true?  Make us prove it! 

  We Can Handle It All

  • If your billings are flat, we will begin the billing process based on the scheduled we have established.
  • But if your billings are based on volume or consumption, just send us your meter readings and we will generate your bills.  
  • We will run a variety of variance reports to check for mis-reads and other anomalies.
  • Our billing service includes emailing your bills, or printing and mailing them using a CASS certified mailing list to assure you the lowest rates.
  • We will receive your payments in a dedicated lock box, process them, and deposit them directly into your operating account.
  • We will generate and send late notices and shut-off notices accord to the policies you establish.
  • Our billing service also includes even answering your phones, answering your customers’ questions and dealing with their issues, and interfacing with your operations group as necessary.

Sound too good to be true?  Make us prove it!



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