A Rich 25-Year History of Utility Billing Software Development.

The original version of Diversified Utility Billing software was developed to run on an IBM mainframe back in the 1990s. Laughable to today’s standard, it was light years ahead of its time back then.Tom Tobin, the founder of Diversified Technology, was the Director of Sales and Marketing for that original software.

And Diversified Technology’s Vice President and lead engineer, Harry Finkbiner, worked to support that original software.

These two entrepreneurs have focused their careers on enhancing and refining this software. It was first migrated to the DOS platform to run on a personal computer. Then to Windows. Then to local and wide area networks. And now to the Cloud.

While the software has kept pace with platform evolution, its functionality, utility and ease of use has set the pace for others to follow. Diversified Technology’s software development philosophy is completely customer driven. Simply, we build what customers tell us they need and want.

Our customer service representatives are in almost constant contact with our customers. They listen to input from our customers, seek the opinions of other customers, and, as a group, bring the best ideas to the development table. Major enhancements are generally released on an annual basis. Minor enhancements may be released throughout the year.

The company’s business plan is to expand the mobile platform to include more parcel data and add permit tracking.  WebLink, the online customer portal is being expanded to include more interaction with customers, including work order requests and tracking (think pot holes and broken signs).  What would you add to the list? 


  1. Integrity in all matters
  2. Focus on client: Unparalleled value, service and support, innovation, responsiveness and quality
  3. Open and complete communication, both internally and externally
  4. Respect among employees, clients and family
  5. Knowledge and growth, both personal and professional